Worm Castings - The Ultimate Organic Fertilizer

Organic Nutrients - Worm Castings (10 lb bagWorm castings are the best fertilizer for a nutrient-rich growing medium. Earthworms derive their nutrition from many forms of organic matter in soil including decaying plant parts, decomposing remains of animals, and living organisms such as nematodes, protozoans, rotifers, bacteria, fungi. They can produce their own weight in castings every 24 hours. During the digestive process, many insoluble minerals are converted to a plant-available soluble form and long-chain molecules such as cellulose are partially broken down by bacteria in the digestive tract. Investigations show that fresh earthworm casts are several times richer in available nitrogen, available phosphates and available potash than the surrounding topsoil.

•Rich nutrients to your plants in a form they can use
•Natural growth stimulants
•Soil aeration, improved drainage and moisture retention
•Balances the pH of your soil
•Repels pests and disease