About Us

Welcome to GardeningZone.com

GardeningZone is Happy to Announce we are now part of the TipTop Bio-Control Family.
TipTop Bio-Control has been our beneficial insect supplier for years. This move will allow us to continue to offer the freshest product on the market with quick delivery times.
Please continue to contact our staff directly via email: sales@gardeningzone.com.
Telephone: 805-445-9981.

We are your one stop headquarters
for all  your Beneficial Insect Needs! We have a complete line of
Beneficial Insects including; Ladybugs, Praying Mantids, Predatory
Mites, Fly Exterminators, Green Lacewings, Beneficial Nematodes
and many others!

GardeningZone.com is your one stop headquarters for everything your
garden or farm needs. Whether you have a little garden at home or large
scale farm, GardeningZone.com has the right stock at the right prices.
Each order is hand selected to ensure that your order exceeds your
expectations. We guarantee your product will arrive alive and in perfect
condition or we will replace the damaged product.  At Gardening Zone,
we are passionate about the environment!