Nematodes Triple Blend (Hb+Sc+Sf)


These are live insects and MUST be shipped NEXT DAY or 2ND DAY AIR only! No USPS or ground shipping.


This Triple Blend includes both Heterorhabditis bacteriophora, Steinernema carpocapsae & Steinernema feltiae nematodes, providing you with a broader range of control over some of the most common soil insects.

Attacks Weevils, Beetle grubs, Japanese beetle, Masked chaffers, May/June beetles, Black vine weevil, various white grubs, Banana weevil, Bill bug, Colorado Potato beetle, Cucumber beetle, Sweetpotato weevil,  Asparagus beetle, Carrot weevil, Banana moth, Citrus root weevil group, Sugarcane stalk borer, Various tree and vine borers, Bagworms, Flea beetle, Flea and over 200 other species.

LIFECYCLE: Steinernematids and heterorhabditids have similar life histories. The non-feeding, developmentally arrested infective juvenile seeks out insect hosts and initiates infections. When a host has been located, the nematodes penetrate into the insect body cavity, usually via natural body openings (mouth, anus, spiracles) or areas of thin cuticle. The whole process can happen within 24 to 48 hours.

RELEASE RATES: Note - these rates are for preventative application only.

5 Million Insects 1,250 sq. ft.
10 Million Insects 2,500 sq. ft.
25 Million Insects 6,250 sq. ft.
50 Million Insects 1 1/4 acre