Red Worms for Composting & Soil Care

These are LIVE insects and must be shipped FedEx 2nd day or Overnight. No USPS or FedEx Ground shipping.  

Gardening Zone Red Worms have been specially raised and groomed to outperfrom other Red Worms!

Release Rates: 

300 worms 150 sq. ft.
500-600 worms 300 sq. ft.
1,000 - 1,200 worms

600 sq. ft.


Release Instructions

Worm Bin:
Simply scatter worms on top of the compost. Keep moist as you add organic material.

Garden, Lawn, Trees, Shrubs, Potted Plants:
Release in the evening or morning after watering. Dig several 4-5 inch holes. Put a few worms in each hole and cover loosely with soil.

Red Worms consume organic material and burrow 24 hours a day. As the travel through the soil while excreting a natural soil nutrient called "Worm Castings". These castings are high in nitrogen, calcium, magnesium, phosphate, potash, humus and will feed your plants for weeks without burning them.

Worm Castings
Casitngs are a natural soil amendment and one of the best known sources of nutrients that plants need to grow!