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Red Worms for Composting & Soil Care

Red Worms for Composting & Soil Care

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These are LIVE insects and must be shipped FedEx 2nd day or Overnight. No USPS or FedEx Ground shipping.  

Gardening Zone Red Worms have been specially raised and groomed to outperform other Red Worms!

Release Rates: 

300 worms 150 sq. ft.
500-600 worms 300 sq. ft.
1,000 - 1,200 worms

600 sq. ft.



Composting. Decomposing organic matter. Soil aeration.

Our redworms are bed run (grown outdoors in long rows). Each red worm ingests its weight in organic matter every 24 hours. Its intricate digestive tract makes it possible for the earthworms to excrete highly nutritious fertilizer known as castings.

Product information: 
Our red worms are packaged in breathable containers mixed with food and moisture. The earthworms vary in size; packages include eggs, new born worms and adults. Redworms reach mature size in 6 to 12 months.
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