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Get rid of Mosquitoes using natural mosquito control products!



Mosquito Facts

- Mosquitos travel up to five miles

- Mosquitos are known to carry and transmit diseases and viruses including the West Nile and Equine Virus


Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes are one of the most aggravating pest bugs out there. They're everywhere, they bite, and there is almost no way to get rid of them completely. However, we heard your cries for action and answered your call for mosquito control solutions! This is the best selection of eco-friendly mosquito control products that are harmless to humans and animals but deadly to these winged pest insects.

Biological Mosquito Control with Bti, (Bacillus thuringiensis israelenis)

"Bti", Bacillus thuringienis ssp. israelensis, are bacteria which infect and kill mosquito larvae. These bacteria are highly selective, killing only mosquitoes and their close relatives like gnats and black flies. Formulations of Bti will only kill these types of insects and do not harm other kinds of insects, fish, birds, worms or any mammals!

When Bti are eaten by the mosquito larvae, they damage the gut cells and quickly paralyze them, then kill the larvae quickly and efficiently. A moderate to heavy dose has been shown to reduce the mosquito population by one half in 15 minutes and the rest within one hour.


Bti Dosage Rates:
Dunks: 1 dunk/100 sq ft of water; Lasts 30 days or more.