Aphidoletes aphidymiza

These are live insects and MUST be shipped OVERNIGHT. No USPS or ground shipping. 

A. aphidymiza are predators of over 60 species of aphids.  These insects are used to control aphids indoors in commercial greenhouses and interior plantscapes as well as outdoors in orchards, shade trees, roses and home gardens. If aphids are present in outdoor plants in late summer, a release of Aphidoletes at this time helps reduce the overwintering aphid population, while establishing an overwintering predator population that will be active early the following spring. 

LIFESPAN: A complete life cycle takes 21 days at 21°C (70 °F).

They feed for 7-10 days and can kill 3-50 aphids per day.  Aphidoletes in the fall overwinters in the cocoons in the soil. They are very hardy and survive outside throughout the cold/warm growing regions.

RELEASE INSTRUCTIONS: Aphidoletes are sent as pupae (cocoons) in moist vermiculite or sand. The predators may be released in either of two ways: Hold containers at 22°C (70°F) temperature until a few adults are seen flying in the container, then place the opened container in the shade in the greenhouse or garden.

 Aphidymiza should be released during spring time, 2-3 times a day at 7-10 day intervals. Repeat this 1-3 times and 1-2 weeks apart or until predator is established.


It may be necessary to control ants in conservatories and around outdoor trees because they can protect aphid colonies by removing predators.

RELEASE RATES: These rates are for preventative control only, multiple releases and/or higher quantities are necessary for heavier infestations. Click each product pic to get more information about that product. 


250 125 sq. ft.
1,000 500 sq. ft.
3,000 1,500 sq. ft.