Orius insidiousus - 500 Nymphs (Bottle)


These are live insects and MUST be shipped OVERNIGHT. No USPS or ground shipping.

Used to control Frankliniella occidentallis (Western flower thrips), Thrips tabaci (onion thrips), thrips on greenhouse grown cucumbers and peppers as well as other crops and landscape situations.

Orius is a predatory bug that feeds on many species of small, soft-bodied insects. Orius pierces its prey with its mouthparts and sucks out the body fluids of its prey. If prey is abundant, Orius kills more thrips than it needs to survive. The presence of pollen favors development of Orius, as it is an alternate food source. Orius can consume 5-20 thrips per day. All stages of Orius move quickly. Adults are great flyers and move efficiently to locate prey. The adults are attracted to flowers. Under ideal conditions each female adult could lay up to 45 eggs over a 2-week period.

Introduce Orius as soon as possible after receipt. If storage is necessary, keep them at 50-59 degrees F. Preventative introductions are only done in crops that produce pollen.

To release simply sprinkle onto leaves or disperse into Universal release pouch.

General release rate:
5000 - 10,000 Orius/hectare (2,000-4,000/acre).

For Specific Crops:
Greenhouse cucumbers-
.5 Orius per plant or sq. ft. for 2 weeks. 1-4 Orius per plant in hot spots, when thrips populations are established.
Sweet peppers-
2,000 - 3,000 Orius/1000 sq. yard/hot spots. Two releases spaced two weeks apart will usually establish Orius.