Uncle Dave's BioChar - Nature's Soil Enhancer



Nature’s Soil Enhancer

  • BioChar is a carbon-rich material that improves soil structure.
  • It helps sandy soils retain water.
  • Intelligent application leads to dramatic results.

Why Use BioChar?

  • Revolutionize Your Garden
  • Water Retention: Boost your soil’s ability to hold moisture.
  • Enhanced Nutrient Absorption: Adsorbs minerals at plant roots.
  • Microbial Haven: Creates a thriving environment for beneficial microbes and fungi.



Tips for Maximum Impact

Hydrate Before Use:

    • Fresh BioChar is hydrophobic. Moistening it makes it effective.
    • Properly moistened BioChar is a feast for worms and a home for microbes.

    Mind the Particle Size:

      • Smaller particles offer greater surface area.
      • Ensures water, nutrients, and microbes penetrate quickly.
      • Microparticles are ideal for foliar sprays.

      Inoculation is Key:

      • Microbes don’t eat BioChar—they live in it!
      • Inoculate BioChar to enrich it with beneficial organisms.
      • Mycorrhizae in BioChar enhance nutrient uptake.

      Gradual Integration:

      • Add BioChar in small doses.
      • Allow the soil to integrate it slowly for best results.
      • Avoid dumping raw char into poor soil to prevent plant growth issues.