All active ingredients that are labeled as compatible should not have any negative impact on the beneficial nematodes. If an active ingredient is designated as "wait one week before" or "wait two weeks before," it should not be used simultaneously. Keep in mind that there are numerous products available under different trade names, so please refer to the "Active Ingredients" section on the product label to identify the chemical name.

If the active ingredient is not included in the list provided, please feel free to get in touch with us and we will gladly provide you with assistance!


Azadirachtin Esfenvalerate Nicotine sulfite
Bacillus thuringiensis Etridiazole Oxyzalin
Benomyl Fatty Acids PCNB
Bifenthrin Fenoxycarb Permethrin
Bromine-chlorine Fluvalinate Pyrethrins
Chlorothalanil Fosethyl-Al Rotenone
Chlorthal dimethyl Glyphosphate Thiophanate-methyl
Copper hydroxide Imidacloprid Triademefon
Cyflutrin Iprodione Vinclozolln
Cypermethrin Kinoprene Weedone
Diatomaceous earth (DE) Metalaxyl Wide range of soluble fertilizers
Dienochlor Methidathion +MORE
Diflubenzuron Methoprene


Wait one week before using beneficial nematodes:

Anilazine Mercurous chloride Triclorpyr             
Azinphos-methyl 2, 4-D Fenarimol
Benzalkonium chloride Methomyl Furalaxyl
Bendiocarb Malathion +MORE


Wait two weeks before using beneficial nematodes:

Addstem Carbofuran Oxamyl
Agrodime Ethoprop +MORE
Agromil Isazophos
Aimphon Fenamiphos