Vermi World Model 16 Composting Bin

Utilizing a stackable-tray design, worms start consuming waste in the lower trays and work their way upward in search of food sources as the lower trays are converted from waste to compost. By the time the compost in the lowest tray is ready for your garden, the worms have migrated into the trays above. This design saves you from having to spend time separating worms by hand. Individual trays are also available, so you can easily increase the composting capability of your VermiPRO Model 16.


The VermiPRO Model 16 is perfect for your house or apartment. It is odorless in operation, making it perfect for indoor use. It also has the smallest footprint of all worm composters, meaning it will fit anywhere you can think of...even under the sink! Its convenient size also lowers shipping costs dramatically compared to other composters. Equipped with a lid and accompanied by a fully illustrated 16-page instruction manual, the VermiPRO Model 16 is easy to set up and maintain, even for novice composters.


VermiPRO Model 16 Bin Includes:

-  Lid

- 3 working trays

- Worm Tea Collection Tray
- 10 inch stand
- 16 page manual