Uncle Dave's Good Bug Flowering Blend

Have you ever tried using beneficial insects to control pest bugs and gotten frustrated after having all of your good bugs fly away or move on to greener pastures? Never again be left crossing your fingers hoping that your good bugs stick around to fight infestations!  Uncle Dave's Flowering Blend takes all the guess work out of attracting beneficial insects to your garden and promotes the establishment of beneficial insect populations introduced into your home, lawn, or other type of garden

Our mix will provide beautiful flowers that attract, feed, and protect beneficial insects. This package contains attractive flowers that re-seed themselves and is inexpensive compared to many crop and "bug-blend" mixes. The mix has low and medium height plants (up to 3 feet tall) that are perfect for creating an ideal environment for beneficial insects to live and grow in.

APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: A light planting rate of 10 lbs / acre will establish 2-4 plants of each species on a square foot. In orchards and vineyards only one row of the blend out of every 8-10 rows is needed to provide the beneficials a place to live where the planting will not be disturbed or mowed.

In field crop situations this blend should be planted on the borders and row ends as a barrier to incoming pests. Seeds should be planted 1/4-1/2 inch deep in a fine-soiled seed bed since many flower and herb seeds in this package are small. Broadcasting and ring rolling or using a brillion seeder are preferred methods of planting. Drilling is the next best method, ensuring that the small seeds are not planted too deep. Fertilizer should be applied on infertile soil types, such as sand or shale. On loam soils fertilizer is not necessary because the objective is a diverse variation of plants and not an abundance of plant material.