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Trichogramma Sp. platneri for Caterpillar Control - Tall Plants - HIGH FLYER

Trichogramma Sp. platneri for Caterpillar Control - Tall Plants - HIGH FLYER

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Target Pests: 
Over 150 pest moth species. Including; Armyworms, Borers, Codling Moth, Cutworms, European Corn Borer, Fruit Worms, Leaf Worms, Leaf Rollers, Loopers and other species. 

Trichogramma are pale-yellow micro-wasps, 1/100 inch long, smaller than a pinhead. They drill through moth eggs to deposit 1 to 3 of their own eggs, depending on moth egg size. Trichogramma prevents worms/caterpillars from hatching out and destroying crops. Put out the Trichogramma when you see the first flight of moths (whose caterpillars cause damage to plants), and every 7-10 days thereafter, until infestation subsides.
We offer 3 different species of Trichogramma.
Trichogramma brassicae: Ideal for control on cole/cold crops & ornamentals. (EI: European corn borer.)
Trichogramma platneri/minutem: Ideal for control on tall crops. High Flyers.
Trichogramma pretiosum: Ideal for control on short crops. Low Flyers.

Product Information:
Trichogramma are shipped on cards that look like sandpaper; each square on the card contains 3,000-5,000 Trichogramma eggs, depending on the species ordered. Cut the Trichogramma card into 30 hang able tabs, and hang tabs on or near the plants to be protected. Each unit, or tab, has a built-in hook that fits over a 1/4-inch stem. Card stock is black to optimize emergence. Keep cards out of direct sunlight. Aerial application is possible for large acreages. Keep the cards in a warm, humid place, out of direct sunlight, until the emerging adults can be seen as small dots moving around in the closed container. A few tiny caterpillars may also be found in the container because it is very difficult to obtain 100% parasitization of the moth eggs, but these are harmless in most crops. Trichogramma are shipped as pupae ready to emerge as adults, usually glued to perforated cards. 

Release Rates:
100,000 per 43,560 sq.ft. ( per acre) for 2-6 weeks.
When most of the adults have emerged, place the cards in a shaded spot upwind of the areas where moths are suspected, or egg laying is occurring. The adult wasps will fly onto the plants in search of new host eggs to attack. Do not put the cards out before the wasps have emerged.

Strategic Considerations: 
The best time to release is early morning or evening when direct sunlight will not hit the cards. Avoid making releases under extremely hot, cold, rainy, or windy conditions.


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