Trichogramma Sp. minutum for Caterpillar Control - Tall Plants - HIGH FLYER

TARGET PESTS: Over 200 species of Caterpillars and Moths. Including: Web Worms, Loopers, Leaf Worms, Fruit Worms, Cut Worms, Boll Worms, Army Worms, Tomato Worms, Corn Worms, Borers, Gypsy Moths, Codling Moths, Diamond Back Moths, Oriental Fruit Moths and more!

          10,000 Insects           500 sq. ft.
          100,000 Insects           1 Acre


  • Release at first sight of Moths.
  • Ants will carry off Trichogramma Eggs.
  • If ants are present you must keep eggs away from ants.
  • Use an ant barrier or release on leaves where ants are not present.
  • If ants are unavoidable, hatch eggs indoors in packaging, check daily and release at first sight at hatching.
  • To release, flip the card over (egg side down) and cut with scissors. DO NOT TEAR.
  • All cards are hole punched for easy hang ability. Thread hole and tie to infested plant; staple or wedge cards in foliage, out of direct sunlight.

DESCRIPTION: Trichogramma are very tiny insects; 5 adults can fit on the tip of a pencil. These predators attack over 200 species of Lepidopteran Caterpillar and Moths that destroy or damage vegetables and fruits. This package will supply you with approx. 10,000 - 12,000 live parasitized Trichogramma Eggs glued on cards. Contains enough insects to control approx. 500 sq. ft. Complete release instructions are included. These insects are biteless, stingless and go virtually unnoticed.


T. brassicae - Cold Crops

T. platneri/T. minutum - Tall Plants

T. pretiosum - Short Plants

LIFE CYCLE: Adults live anywhere from 7-14 days, but can build up to 30 generations per year.

STORAGE: If necessary store unhatched pupa at 40-50°F. Do not cold store the unhatched pupa for more than 14 days. Do not store the hatched Trichogramma in the bag for more than 4 hours.