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Sulfur Plant Fungicide (1 Lb.)

Sulfur Plant Fungicide (1 Lb.)

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Use this fungicide to target rust, thrips, scale, two spotted mite, powdery mildew, leaf spot, scab, and more. Also for the control of chiggers. Cover the entire lawn, flower garden, shrubs and any other place chiggers may hide with a dusting of sulfur fungicide. This should be done a day or two before protection is desired; repeat at weekly intervals to maintain control. One pound covers approx. 500 sq. ft.

Use: This organic fungicide is specially prepared for use with apples, beans, blackberries, raspberries, cherries, citrus, gooseberries, grapes and more.

The extremely fine particle size comes treated with a wetting agent and makes it easy for particles to stick to leaf surfaces resulting in greater efficiency and results! When spraying, use a good pressure sprayer and apply thoroughly to all leaf surfaces.

When dusting, use a good duster and apply in a uniform thin film of dust to all leaf surfaces and fruit.

Application: Use 1 - 3 tbs./gal. water or 3 - 10 lb./100 gal. depending upon level of infestation. Repeat every 7 - 10 days and apply pre blossom to time of harvest. Crop specific instructions included.

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