Podisus Maculiventris for Caterpillar Control

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These are live insects and MUST be shipped OVERNIGHT. No "USPS" or "FEDEX GROUND" shipping. 

P. maculiventris emits a strong odor when disturbed and is the most common of several species of Podisus which found throughout the continental United States. P. maculiventris belongs to a group of true bugs which are characterized by a pentagonal shield on their backs. Their eggs are laid in clusters and are about 0.5 mm across and resemble tiny metallic barrels. The larval stages are all wingless and change from dark red-black when first hatched to ornate patterns of red or yellow with black markings as they grow. Podisus are aggressive and voracious bugs which kill beetle grubs and caterpillars. They attack prey during all larval stages and also as adults. They can kill prey that is much larger than themselves because they feed by piercing the looper o worms with their mouth parts, injecting digestive enzymes to turn the looper mushy, and sucking up the partially digested insides. 

LIFECYCLE: Depends on both temperature and prey availability. Development from egg to adult is 76 days at 15°C (60°F), 29 days at 23°C (73°F) and 17 days at 30°C (85°F). Average adult life span is 50 to 80 days. 

RELEASE INSTRUCTIONS: Podisus are shipped in bottles with vermiculite and a limited food source. The insects become active at room temperture and are highly cannibalistic, therefore it is recommended that they be kept cool and out of direct sunlight until released. Large individual bugs may be placed by hand, small larvae can be transferred on pieces of shredded paper or by carefully placing them using a fine paintbrush. Adult Podisus are highly mobile. They will spread rapidly throughout the crop by walking and flying. Nymphs can quickly walk from plant to plant. Podisus in vermiculite-filled bottles can be successfully stored at 5°C (41°F) for up to 10 days However, we recommend applying these insects, like any live organism, within 24 hours of receipt. 

Once you have made it home with your Podisus you MUST use them immediately. If storing for more than one day, store at 5°C (41°F). Cold store for no longer than 10 days. Distribute on host plant by gently shaking bottle to distribute nymphs then open bottle and sprinkling mixture of nymphs and vermiculite evenly throughout the crop.The following pesticides are extremely harmful to Podisus: Admire (imidacloprid), DDVP (dichlorvos), Lannate (cypermethrin) and Thiodan (endosulfan), Many other pesticides have not been tested for their effect on Podisus. A complete list of the effects of tested pesticides is available on request. 

RELEASE RATES: Note - These rates are for preventative control only, multiple releases and/or higher quantities are necessary for heavier infestations. 

50 Insects
75 sq. ft.
250 Insects
375 sq. ft.