Praying Mantis - 2 Egg Cases (Pouch)


Praying Mantis (mantids) are one of the most aggressive predators in the garden. Mantids will prey on almost any insect they can overpower.

Product information:

Each egg case will hatch out 50-200 mantises. When hatching, the young crawl from between tiny flaps in the egg case and hang from silken threads about 2 inches below the case. After drying out the young will disperse. This happens within an hour or two and it is very difficult to know if hatching has occurred unless the elusive and well camouflaged young are found.

Release Rates:

Attach the egg cases to a twig or plant. 2 egg cases per 3,000 sq. ft. To monitor hatching of the egg case place the egg cases in a paper bag and fold the top. Place the bag in a warm room and out of direct sun light. Periodically open the bag and check to see if hatching has occurred. If hatching has occurred take out and release the young. Sometimes hatching can take up to eight weeks.

Strategic Considerations:

Pesticides and even wetting agents and spreader-stickers may adversely affect mantid's survival. Broad spectrum and systemic insecticides are toxic to praying mantids.