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Neoseiulus fallacis is a native predatory mite that feeds on spider mites, rust mites and small insects. It is one of the most important biological control agents in North American berry and orchard crops. Adults have pear-shaped bodies, 0.l5mm long; they are tan to light orange in color, shiny, with long legs. Immature predators are cream colored and semi-transparent. Their eggs are oval and 0.3mm long. 

Lifespan of Neoseiulus fallacis:

Development from egg to adult takes from 7-9 days at 21°C (70°F) to 3 days at 32°C (85°F). At 26°C (78°F) a fourfold increase in numbers can occur within 4 days. In the field, under optimum conditions, populations can increase from 10 predators/100 leaves to 200-500 predators/100 leaves, in just 2 weeks. 

Release Instructions:

Once you have arrived home with our predatory mites, you must use them immediately. Neosieulus fallacis cannot be stored. Fallacis will become established in a crop after one introduction and will remain there if mites or pollen are available to consume. When food is scarce, fallacis will move to the top of the plant and usually disperse throughout the crop in the wind. The general release rate is 1-5 mites per ten square feet. To release, shake the contents onto the plant foliage where spider mite infestation is heavy. Fallacis is available in a granular carrier (usually vermiculite or corn grits). This formulation should be applied as soon as possible. Fallacis packages can be held at 10-15°C (50-60°F), out of direct sunlight, for 1-2 days--but quality and egg laying will be lower.

Lay the container on its side at room temperature, out of direct sunlight, for 1/2 hour.Check the product by sprinkling some of the vermiculite onto a sheet of white paper and using a 10-15X hand lens or magnifier. Active mites should be visible. Gently rotate the bottle to mix the mites with the carrier and distribute the contents over the invested plants.To reduce mortality of predatory mites from pesticides, release predators 10 days after spraying.The pesticide fenbutatin oxide (Vendex ) can be used with Fallacis for additional control of spider mites if "hot-spots" develop. It does not harm Fallacis, but avoid over spraying, which reduces the predator's food supply and their ability to reproduce.

Release Rates:

*Note: These rates are for preventative control only, multiple releases and/or higher quantities are necessary for heavier infestations. Click each product pic to get more information about that product.



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