Green Lacewing Release Instructions:

Once you have made it home with your Lacewings, you will determine which release guide to follow based on whether your package contained Lacewing eggs or Lacewing larvae. DO NOT STORE LACEWING LARVAE OR ADULTS; they must be used upon receiving your shipment! However, you CAN store Lacewing eggs for up to two weeks in a cool spot for future use but it is recommend to also be used immediately.

EGG RELEASE: Next, Gently disperse contents of the Lacewing eggs and rice hulls in fixed pouches supplied to you in your order. The pouches then should be distributed among your infested plants by stapling or paper clipping them to the leaves and/or placing them in the crotch of the plant.

Release at sundown the day you receive the larvae. It is extremely difficult to see larvae with the naked eye! Tap out the larvae evenly onto infested plants. Try to spread them out as much as possible for they are cannibalistic and will feed on each other. To ensure you have them all out of the container, put the container itself in the foliage of your most heavily infested plants.