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A parasitic wasp that attacks many species of Leafminer pests. The Adult wasps are metallic green and black, 2 - 3 mm in length. Females are larger than males. Sex ratio is 50/50. Diglyphus females will track down and sting leafminer larvae in the 2nd an 3rd instar laying an egg inside the mine. The eggs will hatch and the larvae will feed on the leafminer and then pupate in the leaf mine. Diglyphus larvae are very difficult to locate. However, inspecting leaves by putting a light behind the leaf can easily identify the black and green pupae. Diglyphus will kill a large number of leafminer's for host feeding. The leafminer pest have only 3 instar's of development and develop quickly, in greenhouse conditions. Depending on the conditions, there may be only 1 day between instar developments. 

Lifespan of Diglyphus isaea:

After an egg is laid, an adult Diglyphus will emerge from the leaf in about 3 weeks. 

Release Instructions:

Once you have made it home with your Diglyphus, you must use them immediately. Diglyphus are not to be stored. For optimal results, Once Leafminer-feeding marks are present, releases should be planned. It is best to release the Diglyphus when the first 2nd instar Leafminer Larvae are found. Approximately 1 Diglyphus should be released per 10 sq. ft., weekly for several weeks since the Leafminer pest has a short period of vulnerability. Best if released in the evening hours. Simply open the container-walk through the area and allow the wasps to fly out of the container. Diglyphus is a parasitic wasp and is shipped in bottles of 250 adult parasites. Many pesticides will have a negative effect on the development of Diglyphus. Avoid the use of systemic insecticides or pesticides with long residual action.

Release Rates:

*Note: These rates are for preventative control only, multiple releases and/or higher quantities are necessary for heavier infestations. Click each product pic to get more information about that product.


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