All Purpose Plant Feeding Packs (50 Pack)

Supplies fertilizer to plants for up to 24 months! Xtreme Gardening® All-Purpose Feeder Paks (12-10-10) are control-released nutrient packets (10 grams each) containing high-quality plant food (NOT ORGANIC). Each pack will feed a plant for up to TWO years assuring maximum output of growth, vitality and color in your garden.

Environmentally safe, All-Purpose Feeder Paks are the most efficient means of providing a supplemental source of nutrients to new transplants, indoor potted plants and other ornamentals. Each package contains FIFTY slow-release, polymer coated packs.

It's as easy as... one... two... three...

Step 1: Place one pack in each planting hole.
Step 2: Place transplant on top.
Step 3: Back-fill and water thoroughly.

Heavy feeders such as tomatoes and melons - Use three Feeder Paks per plant, evenly set around the transplant hole.

Ingredients: Polymer coated urea, polymer coated mono ammonium phosphate and polymer coated potassium nitrate.