Hi-Yield Captan 50W fungicide (12 oz.)

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This wettable powder fingicide with captan is formulated to mix easily with water to control diseases on fruits and ornamentals. Use for control of Black Rot, Botrytis Blossom End Rot, Scab, Grey Mold, Brown Rot, Leaf Spot, Downy Mildew, Seed Rot, and Damping Off.

This product can be combined safely and effectively at recommended dosage rates with most commonly used fungicides and insecticides, with the exception of oil and strongly alkaline materials. Alkaline materials such as spray lime, lime sulfur and bordeaux mixture will reduce the fungicidal activity of this product. Do not apply captan in combination with, immediately before or closely following oil sprays. Do not allow oil sprays on adjacent areas to drift onto plants which have been or will shortly be treated with captan. The time factor governing the safe interval between captan and oil sprays varies due to general climatic conditions, therefore, consult local agricultural spray programs and authorities to determine the proper timing. 

The use of spreaders which cause excessive wetting is not advised. Combinations with solvent formulations of organic phosphates should not be used. Combinations of captan and sulfur should not be used on crops sensitive to sulfur. Used at high rates or in drenching sprays, captan may cause necrotic spotting of tender, immature leaves of certain varieties of Apples, Cherries, Peaches and Plums. This type of injury is most likely to occur in the early cover sprays during long periods of warm, cloudy, humid weather. To avoid the hazard of leaf spotting under such conditions, use captan and other spray materials at lowest recommended rates and avoid drenching trees.

Application rates vary from disease and plant. Please refer to the label for complete, detailed instructions for specific use. The label can be viewed here.