Aphidius colemani

500 1,000-2,000 sq. ft.
1,000 2,000-4,000 sq. ft.
5,000 10,000 sq. ft.

Target Pests:
Attacks over 40 Species of small Aphids. Cotton (melon) aphid,  Green Peach Aphid.

A harmless, tiny, parasitic wasp that attacks several species of aphids. Used mostly in greenhouses. Adult are tiny, black, flying wasp, 2-3 mm long with long antennae. Adult females lay eggs by puncturing aphids and depositing their eggs inside. The eggs then hatch into larvae which consume the aphid. The larvae then spins a cocoon inside the dead aphid. The cocoon is identified as a round, golden brown mummy. The adult will cut a hole at the bottom cocoon.
After the female deposits egg into the aphid it takes about a week for the mummy to form and then another week for the adult to appear. Each female can lay more than 100 eggs.

Product information:
Aphidius colemani are shipped in a container of 500 pupae each. Some adults may have emerged during transit. Sex ratio 65% female.